ENİSOLAR, which contributes to sustainable development by using renewable energy resources and wants to create a worldwide identity, is a candidate to be your solution partner in all your projects in this field.

ENISOLAR acts with the awareness that building the world of the future is only possible with sustainable development and sets sustainability as the first goal in all its projects and works. Being aware of the limited natural resources, it plans all its strategies and business processes with an approach that considers sustainability.

As ENISOLAR, in 2022, in order to protect the environment, which is one of the most important steps of sustainable development;

• ISO 14064 – Carbon footprint reduction,
• Waste management,
• Energy and water saving,
• Recycle,

“Carbon Hunters” configurations were put into service under the headings, the scope of these configurations is as follows;

• Office closing checklist

With the “Office Closing Checklist” application, ENISOLAR receives the assurance that no electrical devices in the office are switched on at the end of working hours from its personnel who left the office last. With the specified office applications, unnecessary electricity consumption of any device outside of working hours is prevented, thus reducing the carbon footprint by minimizing the fugitive gas emissions arising from electricity consumption and air conditioning use.

• Scrap paper re-use pool & separete printer

Due to the work done, the use of paper and printer in our office cannot be ignored, but some of the papers used and the printouts taken from the printer cannot be used due to various errors. In order for the unusable papers to be used in different areas of use, if needed, a scrap paper spool and printer application was started. With this application, if necessary, it can be printed on the clean page of the scrap paper or various calculations, note-taking, etc. by the office staff. can be used in applications.

• Use of photocell towel device

The hand drying system was revised so that instead of the z napkin holder used for hand drying in the washbasins, which are our common areas, there will be an automatic sensor̈ towel machine. In this way, we prevent unnecessary paper usage by setting the most appropriate paper amount and paper delivery time for our office staff.

• Waste oil collection pool

With the waste oil collection pool with a volume of 5 liters in the office, we recycle the waste oil that we have collected at home, thanks to this work, we prevent water and environmental pollution that may arise due to the wrong disposal of waste oils.

• Glass drinker system

In order to minimize the water and energy consumption caused by dishwashing in the office, personal glass drinker application was started. Thanks to this application, we aim to reduce water and energy consumption by running the dishwasher less.

• Regular tracking of recycling bins

The glass, paper, plastic, metal and battery recycling bins in the office are monitored weekly, and when the recycling bins reach the determined maximum occupancy rate, the recycling waste collection service is provided by the contracted institution of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

• Office solar power plant works

In line with ENISOLAR’s “ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint Reduction” and “Net Zero” targets, we aim to meet our electricity needs from the sun, which is a completely renewable energy source, with the solar power plant that will be installed on the roof of the office and will be commissioned as of January 2023.

• Expansion of the electric vehicle fleet

We aim to minimize emissions caused by fuel consumption by actively using the electric vehicles within the company, we aim to reduce the emissions of in-office transportation to zero by expanding the electric vehicle fleet and charging the vehicles with electricity to be produced from the solar power plant located on the roof.

• The carbon hunter of the month reward system for office staff

Social, cultural, artistic, scientific, sportive, etc., monthly, carbon footprint conscious personnel of the office in order to accelerate the fight against carbon footprint of our office staff and to increase social awareness. We aim to give surprise gifts in areas. In the selection of the carbon hunter of the month, factors such as the amount of waste oil and the number of batteries brought to the office by the relevant personnel will be recorded and a decision will be made as a result of the objective evaluation.

As ENISOLAR, we thank you for accompanying us in the sustainable development project and for a better future that you strive for.

Let’s change ourselves, not the climate.