After consuming the natural resourses for thousand years, in the current century people realized that this will effect our future. Sun is the essence for every energy source on our planet. The water streams, photosynthesis for plants which are the primary food chain elements, the physical conditions for fossil fuels to form etc. At this point ENISOLAR's policy is to sustain the development by using sustainable energy.


ENISOLAR, as an Energy Solutions company, has the main purpose of supplying continuous energy anytime anywhere using solar, wind and other renewable energies.


Supporting sustainable development by using renewable energy sources and forming a worldwide identity.


Enisolar was found in 2006 as a Project development and consultancy company. After the completion of company organization and supply chain in 2007, Enisolar completed one of the most important and biggest projects in Turkey by delivering two 30 kWp turn key PV Projects to TESCO KiPA. After these projects, with its stable development process, Enisolar reached a turnover of 1 million TL just after one year it was founded. Forming long-term strategic partnerships with local and foreign companies and keeping up the corporate service concept helped Enisolar continue growing.

In August 2008, one of the oldest companies about wind energy in Turkey, GENBA has merged with Enisolar to serve our corporate customers about wind energy. Again in 2008, Enisolar opened a branch Office in İzmir which is a candidate for being the renewable energy capital in Turkey. Enisolar will continue its task to be one of the biggest brands in Turkish renewable energy sector by the R&D, production and know-how transfer investments.


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