enisolar.com uses cookies to offer you more optional and smart options. Without cookies, our website will not operate and you won’t be able to use the website as intended. You automatically accept all the following terms by accepting our cookie policy.

What are Cookies?
Small sized text files or information saved on your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) by the website when you are visiting a website are called cookies.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

  • The website to work as intended,
  • You to easily and quickly access the website on your next visit,
  • Facilitating users’ access to various features,
  • Providing interest based advertisement,
    Providing ease of access when you opt-in to save your password,
  • Obtaining analytical data in terms of website,

are the reasons we are using cookies. In addition to the importance of obtaining information related to the frequency and duration of visit and visited pages of the users, such information are driving forces for our strategic planning.

How Do Cookies Work?
When a user visits a website, they request to view the website on the server (HTTP request) and as a result, the server sends the website to the user (HTTP response). It is possible for you to use the website with cookies upon your request and the response.

What are the Types of Cookies We Use?
As evident by the table below, we are using a number of cookies in order to provide a better experience to our users. In addition, we are utilizing various online tools while using these types of cookies.

a. Mandatory
These cookies are required for enisolar.com to work as intended and allow you to visit and use our website features. For example; when you return back to a page in the same login session, the website remembers your previous actions (eg. text input). These cookies can not identify you. If you do not accept these cookies, performance of the entire website or some parts of it might be affected.

b. Performance
These cookies collect information about visited areas, the time spent on the website and error messages and help us understand how visitors interact with our website. And this allows us to enhance the performance of our website. These cookies can not identify you. All the data is collected and gathered anonymously.

c. Functionality
These cookies allow our website to remember your preferences (e.g. your username, your region or language) in order to provide a more personalized online experience. In addition, cookies also allow users to view videos, play games and use social tools such as blogs, chat rooms and forums. The information collected by these cookies might include confidential information such as your username or profile picture. We have to be transparent about which data do we collect, what we are doing with such data and with whom we are sharing these data. If you do not accept these cookies, performance of the entire website or some parts of it might be affected.

d. Targeting / Advertisement
These cookies are used to show you content related to you and your interests. And might be used for providing targeted advertisements or to limit the number of an advertisement shown to you. We can use these cookies to remember the websites you visit and can share these information with advertisers and third parties including our own companies. These cookies can collect identifying information by tracking IP addresses of the consumers.

What You Should Know About Cookie Policy?
As enisolar.com we can modify this cookie policy at will. We inform you upon your first visit after publishing the updated Cookie Policy, in case we made material changes to the cookie policy.

Can Cookies be Blocked?
You can change the options of your browser to change your preferences related to use of cookies or block the cookies or delete the cookies. We must inform you that if you disable cookies or refuse them, some features and services on our website might not work as intended since we won’t be able to identify your account/accounts.

To disable cookies;

  • You can use “Settings/Privacy/Content Settings/Disable Cookies” option in Google Chrome.
  • You can use “Settings/Internet Settings/Privacy/Settings” option in Internet Explorer.
  • You can use “Tools/Options/Privacy/Cookie Settings/Until Firefox is Closed” in Firefox.

Please contact us from the below address in case you have any questions regarding our cookie policy. Please make sure that your e-mails do not include credit card info or other private info considering that our e-mail communication might not be secure all the time.

E-Mail: info@enisolar.com