Photo Voltaic Systems

PV Systems

According to the New Electricity Market Law (6446) published on 30.03.2013, investors of renewable energy systems up to 1 MW installed power are exempt from electricity generation license application in Turkey. With this legislation, electricity system users are allowed to install and operate their renewable energy systems on-grid, selling the surplus electricity to the utility company over announced prices with 10 years purchase guarantee by the law. Applications for license exempt power systems are submitted to utility company with a number of projects, drawings and technical information about the proposed power system. According to the capacities within the region and sub-stations to be connected, utility company accepts and sets the technical requirements for each system to be connected to the grid on license exempt basis.

ENISOLAR, offers turn-key photovoltaic energy systems for Turkish market since 2006. With our strong partners such as Solarworld AG, Onyx Solar, WorldWaterSolar Inc., we will be pleased to assist you offering turn-key solutions for projects from a few hundred kilowatts to megawatts. We can offer each and all work packages listed below, according to your needs;

  • Conceptual project design, determination of installed power, pre-analyses of energy production-consumption and coverage,
  • Design of the system including layout, cabling, supporting structures and balance-of-system equipment,
  • Preparing the detailed bill of materials lists along with the technical specifications of the project,
  • For projects with application details; preparing the detailed energy analysis reports including system losses, horizon shading measurement and calculations,
  • Preparing executive feasibility reports, submittal of these reports to finance institutions, negotiations and technical support for financial allocations,
  • Preparation of the projects, drawings and calculations to be submitted to the utility company for grid-connection approval,
  • Manufacturing and supply of local or imported steel-aluminum supporting structures for ground and the roof,
  • Supply of solar modules, inverters, cables, connectors, communication units, measurement and monitoring units of PV systems,
  • Commissioning, acceptance of PV systems with the utility company, accredited monitoring systems upon requirement (offered with 3E)
  • Periodic and on-call visits for preventive or repair maintenance duties for operational PV systems.