Solar Energy Systems


Solar Power Systems

In accordance with the new Electricity Market Law numbered 6446 in force since 30.03.2013, investors of production plants based on renewable energy sources with no more than 1 MW installed capacity are exempt from obtaining license and establishing a company. Thanks to this article, consumers in Turkey can meet their own energy consumption and sell the excess capacity to electricity distribution companies at the unit rate specified by the law. In accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the legislation, unlicensed electricity production applications and made to the local electricity distribution company and approved projects are awarded with a letter of acceptance. In such a case, the distribution company requests technical project and information related to the planned plant. Projects that successfully complete these phases can be linked to the grid upon concluding an agreement with the relevant distribution company.

Since 2006, ENISOLAR provides solutions for meteorological measurement systems in addition to being a system and service provider for all phases of your unlicensed photovoltaic projects with its own experience gained in solar energy projects in Turkey and neighboring countries and vast experiences of industrially renown manufacturers and solution partners.

Our main services that address the needs of your projects are;
• Determining the location of the plant, electricity consumption and installed power through resource analysis and concept project design,
• Designing placement, layout plan, detailed cabling plans and bearing construction connection elements,
• Preparation of detailed survey with application project, technical specification and quotation,
• Shading analysis, horizon line analysis, detailed energy production analysis study that takes system component and grid losses and various parameters into calculation for projects with application project,
• Feasibility study of production values calculated through energy production analysis based on detailed and various scenarios,
• Collection of various financing and credit offers for the system to be installed, depending on the financial position of the investor,
• Preparation of all info-document-project and calculations to be submitted, submission of such items to the distribution company and monitoring of approval processes
• Infrastructure works such as excavation, levelling, rigging, earthworks and production or supply, shipping and installation of bearing construction required for the photovoltaic plant construction,
• Supply, import and installation of PV panel, inverter, cable, connector, communication systems, measurement and monitoring systems and all components that form a PV system or additionally requested by the investor,
• Commissioning of PV system, tasks related to temporary and final approval of distribution company, monitoring of production data, accredited monitoring and reporting services upon request,
• Service and maintenance tasks, periodical or preventive maintenance, emergency service and maintenance tasks for operational PV systems.