About Us


Mankind have blindly expended natural resources throughout its history over the millenia and this became an issue that threatens our future. Mankind have became aware of this threat as late as the century we are in. The raw material for all energy forms on earth is the sun. The cycle of water, photosynthesis which is the first link in the food chain, formation of physical conditions required for buildup of fossil fuel are all processes that entirely depend on the sun. ENISOLAR was founded in order to increase the stake of renewable energy sources in our lives by adopting the principle that sustainable development is only possible with sustainable energy sources.

2000 MW

Project Development

* as of 2021


ENISOLAR aims to fulfill its liability to provide “uninterruptible energy, anytime, anywhere” as an energy solutions company by utilizing renewable energy sources, particularly wind and solar power.


Contributing to sustainable development by utilizing renewable energy sources and becoming a globally renown company.


2006 Founded

2007 First On-Grid Solar Project

2008 First Step Into Wind Industry

2012 Licensed Solar Investment Company: Aten Elektrik A.Ş.

2013 Wind License Applications: 1.400 MW

2014 Unlicensed Solar Investment Company: 999 Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.

2016 Kiev Office Established, 240 MW Project Development

2017 Amsterdam Office Established, Corporate Conglomeration

2019 Ukraine 240 MW Construction License